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When Fatima Zahra reached nine years of age, she was a full-grown woman who enjoyed intellectual maturity and integrity of conduct.

A famous event known as the "Event of the Cloak" was reported in the Shiite books regarding "the verse of purification." The context of the event is as follows:

The clear disagreement on Fatima's birth date is surprising. Some scholars state that she was born five years after revelation;...

Barka, daughter of Tha’alabeh ibn Amar; known as “Umme Aiman” - was a great personality. Among women in the early years of Islam, she was an outstanding figure.

Bibi Khadija (SA) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had the purest kind of happiness. They had total and complete devotion to their Lord, and with that came a blessed marriage.

Belqis, daughter of Sharhabil, was a queen of the Sheba (Saba) dynasty in Yemen. She reigned over a vast territory and had big troops and armies. The account of Solomon and Belqis has been explained in...

Interpretations of the Holy Quran are important resources for research and study of Islamic philosophy, jurisprudence, ethics and mysticism. Interpretations provide...

She was accomplished, wise intelligent, gentle, of noble family, honourable and respected lady that she was called Tahira (chaste and pure) even in the era of ignorance.

Fatima, was a special person even before she was born because she was conceived from the fruits of paradise.

She was a great lady in which the characteristics of her father, mother and infallible brothers manifested in the mirror of her existence.
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