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A couple\'s behavior towards each other must be accompanied by politeness, nobility, friendship, cooperation, love and humbleness.

Allah (God) wisely and fairly willed to create pairs of everything in the firmly-founded and extensive order of Creation.

According to Martyr Ayatollah Morteza Mutahhari

Violation of the Laws of Marriage by the Husband and Wife in the Holy Quran:

These duties are also stated in two sections in the civil law and the wife's willingness wards to her husband is also divided into two parts by the civil law like in the verses and traditions,..

The issue of the woman's character has a leading role in recognising the woman in every creed and religion, and every thought course can, through the portrait it displays for the woman's character, give its...

The focus of this paper is the normative teachings of Islam as the criteria to judge Muslim practices and evaluate their compliance with Islam. In identifying what is "Islamic" it is necessary to make a distinction...

For both men and women, clothing requirements are not meant to be a restriction but rather a way in which society will function in a proper, Islamic manner.

Muhammad (PBUH), 1300 years ago assured to the mothers, wives and daughters of Islam a rank and dignity not yet generally assured to women by the laws of the West.