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Some of the definitions of “Family” offered by the Webster Dictionary are as following: A group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head or household. The basic unit of society traditionally consisting of two parents raising their children. A family is a gr...

The birth of a baby is an awesome occasion for any family. The physical and spiritual well being of parents has an effect on the child right from the moment that they plan to have a child.

Although it is not possible to eliminate stress completely, there are some things we can do to reduce it. Here are effective ways to reduce stress in your day.

Whether you are not being honest with yourself or with others, you are negatively affecting your health,...

It is civilisation that anoints humans with the status of the superior-most among all the creatures. Man is superior because he is not always concerned with his own needs and desires; his heart thumps at others’ grief or joy too.

Good behavior is considered one of the firmest foundations of family stabilization. Humility is a crucial element of good behavior between the couple.

The root of differences between man and woman is “proportion”, not imperfection of one and perfection of the other.

Family stabilization factors in Fatimid lifestyle and attitudes.

Setting Fatima az-Zahra (SA) as a model is the best way to find the outline of an ideal family.