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Women of Excellent > Expectants of the Infallibles; Mothers of Imams

Expectants of the Infallibles; Mothers of Imams

Aminah bint Wahb - The Mother of Muhammad (pbuh)
Though she was even wealthier than other rich people, unlike them, she always thought about helping the poor and sharing their sorrow and difficulties, and solving their problems.
Fatima Bint Asad was born into a household that was the center of spirituality.
Fatima Al-Zahra (sa) belongs to the noblest family ever existing throughout the whole history of mankind.
The glimpses from the life of virtuous lady in the history of Islam. She was Fatema, named after her Grandmother, Fatemat-az-Zahra (peace upon her), the Infallible Daughter of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA).
Her Konye (agnamon) is Omm-ul-Fadhl and her other names are Susan and Haditha. She was a girl from Morocco a country in the north of Africa and the farthest land of the Islamic world.
"Nubia" is an area between the Nile between "Asvan" and "Sudan" in the south of Egypt. The population of that area was Christian.
Some Foreseen Events in the life of Nargis Khatoon (sa)
Hadrat Shahrbano: The Reverend Mother of Imam Zayn al-Abidin(AS)