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women in early Islamic period

The First Martyr
Her real name was Hend and she was the daughter of Omaieh ben Mogaireh ben Abd allah ben makhzoom .
The sixth year of Hijrah arrived, and in the Sha’baan of that year, news came to Madinah that Haarith ibn Abi Diraar, head of the Bani Mustalaq tribe, was gathering arms and military forces to attack Madinah.
Miss Maria Qibityya , the wife of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and (the)daughter of Qibityya Simon, was born by a Roman mother in Hafan village of Ansnay region of Egypt.
Umm Habiba was one of the prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) wives who was Abusufyan ibn Harb ibn Ammayeh ibn Abdolshams ibn ibn Abde Manaf.
Honorable Zainab was one of the Holy Prophet's wives (peace be upon him). Her father was Jahesh ben Riab and her mother was Umaymah the daughter of Abdul Muttalib. She was also Holy Prophet's aunt (p.b. u. h). One of the events that happened in the fifth year of Hegira was the marriage of the great Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (p.b u. h) with Honorable Zainab bint Jahesh.
Meymooneh was Hares ibn Hezn`s daughter and Umm Alfazl`s sister who was Abbas ibn Abdolmotaleb wife and her mother was khooleh (Hend) binte Ouff and she was from a famous family.
It is well known that Zainab bint Khozayme was born thirteen years before the Prophethood of Mohammad (SAW). Commentators have written that she was married to Abdullah bin Hajash who was martyred in the battle of Uhud before she married the Prophet (SAW).
Suda was the daughter of Zoma’a bin Qais from Quraysh Tribe of Mecca. She was originally a descendent of Lovai, one of the ancestors of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). His father was one the first people who accepted Islam at the beginning of the Prophet's mission.
She was the maid servant of Lady Fatemah (A.S) and she was taught by lady Fatemah (a.S).