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‘Track 143’ to Be Screened in Bosnia

Iranian movie ‘Track 143’ will be screened in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is one of the films set to be screened in the European country during the Iranian Film Week.
The event, organized by the Iranian Cultural Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, began on Tuesday and will run until February 27.
Hosted by City Movie Theater in Sarajevo, it will include screening of five Iranian films, including ‘Today’ by Seyed Reza Mirkarimi and ‘Painting Pool’ Maziar Miri.
‘Track 143’ is a war drama directed by Narges Abyar.
Based on a book of the same title written by Abyar, the movie is about a great maternal sacrifice during the Sacred Defense (1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war against Iran).
It tells the story of Olfat, a woman who is waiting for her son, who has been missing in action, to return home.
The movie earned acclaim at the 32nd Fajr International Film Festival in February 2014 as Merila Zarei won the Crystal Simorgh for best actress for her portrayal of Olfat.
It also won the Simorgh for Audience Favorite Film and Abyar received the special jury prize at the festival.
Mehran Ahmadi, Gelareh Abbasi, Yadollah Shademani and Javad Ezzati also star in the movie.
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News Source :iqna.ir
News Date :7/24/2016