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UAE Int’l Quran Contest for Women: Iranian Representative’s Turn on Wednesday

Iran’s representative in the UAE’s international Quran competition for women will showcase her Quranic talents on Wednesday.

Hannaneh Khalafi is scheduled to answer the jury panel’s questions on Wednesday, her father Mostafa Khalafi told IQNA.
He said she will answer 3 questions raised by the panel of judges in the morning session and two more in the afternoon.
This is Hannaneh’s first presence in an international Quran competition.
The 9-year-old girl learned the entire Quran by heart at the age of 7 and came first in Iran’s national Quran competition in 2014.
The first edition of the Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak International Holy Quran Competition started in Dubai on November 6.
More than 70 female Quran memorizers from different countries have attended the event to compete for the top prize in the category of memorization of the entire Holy Quran.
News Code:37215
News Source :iqna.ir
News Date :11/7/2016