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Bosnian minister:

Iran's civilization well know to world

Minster of Culture and Sports of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zora Dujmovi said on Thursday that the great civilization of Iran is known to the world's nation.

The Bosnian minster made the remarks in a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICTO) Abbas Khameyar on Thursday.

Referring to good cultural relations between the two countries, the Bosnian minister said it was a pleasure for her to attend cultural programs held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015 during Iran Cultural Week in that country.

She also thanked Kameyar for inviting her to pay a visit to Iran and expressed hope that the visit will take place in a near future.

Dujmovi said world certain powers have been trying to depict an unreal image about Iran’s great civilization through their biased media propaganda and that is why the younger Bosnian generation lacks enough information about Iran, she said.
The Bosnian minister added that expansion of cultural cooperation through setting up cultural weeks in both countries would help introduce deep cultures of the two sides to the people of the other country in a proper way.

Meanwhile, the Iranian envoy said despite a long geographical distance between the two countries, there are numerous cultural commonalities between Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina in a way that the Iranian nationals visiting or residing in that county feel they are at home.
Khameyar voiced Tehran’s readiness to hold Iran’s Cultural Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016.
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News Source :irna.ir
News Date :11/19/2016