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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abul-Hassan Baghawi

Abul-Hassan Ali ibn Abdul-Aziz ibn Marzban ibn Sabur Baghawi was the narrator of hadith and the linguist of the 3rd century AH. Because of poverty, he received wages for narration of hadith, hence his narration was not well received. Included among his works is a Musnad called by various names such as Al-Musnad, Al-Musnad al-Kabir, and Al-Musnad al-Muntakhab.

Ali Savoji Suzi

Hassanali Savoji aka Suzi was the poet and calligrapher of the late 10th century AH. He wrote in Isfahan mostly in the school of Harun Wilayat, and was respected by people. He produced Diwan of Suzi which contains some 20 thousand verses, calligraphy of Diwan of Anwari and Kolliat-e Sultan al-Shu’ara.

Maktabi Shirazi

Maulana Maktabi Shirazi was the Iranian poet of the 9th century AH. In writing odes, he follows the style of Nezami Ganjawi, and his style is better and closer to the original than other followers of Nezami. His creativity in Leyli o Majnun is his incorporation of love poems by which he could raise the poems’ impact. He produced Illiya Ghurra’, and Mathnawi of Leyli and Majnun.

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