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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Ibn Abbar

Abu-Abdullah Mohamad ibn Abdullah Qadaei aka Ibn Abbar (595-658 AH) was the writer, historian, narrator of hadith, scholar and political activist of Andalusia. Ibn Abbar had a high scientific and scholarly position, and his taste in poetry was good and delicate. He is the author of I’tab al-Kuttab, Tuhfat al-Qadim, Durar al-Simt, Al-Takmilat li Kitab al-Silat, Al-Hillat al-Siyara’, Al-Ghusun al-Yani’a, and Mudahat al-Mas’a al-Jamil.

Shah Daee Shirazi

Sayyid Nizam al-Din Mahmud ibn Hassan Hassani titled Daee ila Allah aka Shah Daee was the preacher and poet of the 9th century AH. He was a poet and mystic well versed in philosophical and theological debate. He is the author of Kumailiyya, Mahadir al-Sayr, Ma’rifat al-Nafs, Risalat Tayniyya, Risalat Shajariyya, Khayr al-Zad, and translation of Sheikh Mohy al-Din’s Treatise.

Hussain Mirkolangi

Mir Hussain Hussaini aka Mirkolangi was the calligrapher of the 10th century AH. He was one of the seven top students of Mir Ali Heravi. Some have equated him with his master as his works cannot be considered lower than those of Mir Ali. He produced calligraphy of a version of Sa’di’s Golestan.

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