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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Ibn Battuta

Abu Abdullah Mohammad Luwati Tanji famous as Ibn Battuta (703-779 A.H.) was a Moroccan renowned tourist who had started a pilgrimage voyage from Tangier at the age of 22. His journey lasted for 25 years. Ibn Battuta told Ibn Jizzi about the adventures of his trip so that he writes a chronicle out of it. Ibn Battuta Safarnameh, Tuhfatul Nadhar were some of his works.

Ali bin Bindar

Ali bin Bindar Sufi Seirafi was the sheikh and leader of Neyshabor in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.H. Abulhasan was entitled the elder of eldest and sun of disciples. He was a trusted narrator of Hadith of which he remembered quite many. He used to convene with the dignitaries of the Malamatiyah path. Abu Abdullah Khafif and Junaid Baghdadi met him and considered his trustworthy in recounting Hadith.

Noor Alishah

Mohammadali Isfahani called Noor Alishah with pen names Noor and Noorali was a Sufi, gnostic, and poet in the 12th and early 13th centuries A.H. Noor Alishah recited poetry as well introducing fresh charm to Sufism in Iran by his poems and works. Resalat Jamu’ulasarar, Resalat Asrarul Quloub wa Resalat mo’eza wa pand, Rawdhatul Shuhada were some of his works.

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