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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abu Ali Miskawaih

Ahmad bin Mohammad Razi, a famous Iranian historian, Philosopher, physician, and author in the 4th and 5th C A.H. who worked on theoretical and practical philosophy mainly reformation of morals that made considered him as the third teacher. Al-Fawz Al-Asghar wal Fawz Al-Akbar, Tartib Alsa’adat wa manazil Al-Uloum, and Fauzul Sa’ada were some of his works.

Mahmood Siawoshani

Mahmood bin Khaja Ish’aq Shahabi Siawoshani Herawi known as Shahabi and A’inulzman was a calligrapher during the Shah Tahmasb Safawi era. No one was as skilled in Nastaliq calligraphy as Khaja Mahmood at the time of Shah Tahmasb Safawi. Calligraphy scripts of Devan Hilali are among his works.

Mansour Jahagirshahi

Mansour Naderul Asr was an Iranian Painter with Indian origins and distinguished instructor of Gorgani painting style in 10th& 11th C A.H. He lived in Jahagiri court with great esteem and practiced various types of Indian and Mughal painting practice. He was quite skillful in reproducing portraits of monarchs.

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