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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abu Yusuf Ya’qub Basawi

Abu Yusuf Ya’qub ibn Sufyan Farsi was the Iranian narrator of hadith and historian of the 3rd century AH. He travelled to many Muslim regions to take part in the lessons of the leading sheikhs of the knowledge of hadith hence to increase his knowledge of narration and hadith and to reach the best of documents. He is the author of Kitab al-Ma’rifa wa al-Tarikh, Al-Mashikha, and Al-Zawal.

Ata Malik Juwaini

Ala’ al-Din Ata Malik ibn Baha’ al-Din Mohammad Juwaini was the prominent Iranian historian and statesman during the 7th century AH. Ata Malik accompanied Emir Arghun in his travels to Karakorum, the capital of Mongolia. In writing mursal prose, he displayed his art with appropriate rhymes. He is the author of Tarikh-e Jahan-Gosha-ye Juwaini.

Urfi Shirazi

Jamal al-Din Mohammad Urfi Shirazi aka Jamal al-Din Sayyidi Mohammad (963-999 AH) was an Iranian poet and writer. In poetry, he was a leading figure of his time. He wrote a calligraphic manuscript of Divan of Hafiz. He is the author of Divan of Urfi Shirazi, Majma’ al-Abkar, Shirin and Farhad, Saqi-Nameh, and Kolliyat Ufi Shirazi.

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