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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Ibn Duqmaq

Sarem al-Din Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Eidmer al-Ala’i was an Egyptian historian in the 8th and early 9th centuries AH. His words were a reliable source for his contemporary historians and those succeeding him. He is the author of Al-Intisar li Wasita al-Aqd al-Amsar, Nuzhat al-Anam, Al-Jawhar al-Thamin, Nazm al- Juman, Tarjuman al-Zaman, and Faraid al-Fawa’id.

Abu al-Hassan Tabari

Abu al-Hassan Ahmad ibn Muhammad Tabari was the Iranian physician and scholar of the 4th century AH. He had rich experience and novel ideas in ophthalmology and was the special physician of Abu Abdullah Baridi, the Abbasid Caliph, and later Rukn al-Dawla of Deylamites and his near ones. He is the author of Al-Mu’alija al-Buqratiya, Alalj al-Atfal, and Kitab al-Fasd.

Mehr-Ali Naqash-Bashi

He was the Iranian painter, portrayer, calligrapher and poet of the 13th century AH during the reign of Fath-Ali Shah, the Qajar king. He was a master in oil painting, but was also skillful in making covers, pen cases, and in watercolor. He produced an oil painting of Fath Ali Shah on takht-e marmar (marble throne).

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