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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Saleh Isfahani

Muhamad Saleh Isfahani was the distinguished calligrapher of the Safavid period. In addition to calligraphic works, he has written a biography of calligraphers in which useful material is provided concerning the biography and works of calligraphers. He produced the inscription of the portico of Chehel Sotun, and the inscription on the entrance gate of Madar-Shah School of Isfahan.

Partovi Shirazi

He was the poet of the 9th and early 10th centuries AH and a leading figure in Sufism. He spent his youth on vinosity and dissipation but repented near the end of his life, gathered knowledge and soon became a master in composing poetry, and in medical practice as well as astronomy. He is the author of Saqi-Nameh, and The Collection of Poems of Partovi.

Ghaffar Najm al-Dawla

Najm al-Mulk Haj Mirza Abd al-Ghaffar ibn Akhund Ali Muhammad Isfahani aka Najm al-Mulk was the teacher of mathematics of the Academy of Dar al-Funun and a translator and astronomer in the 13th and 14th centuries AH. His major books can be divided into two categories of mathematics and optics. He is the author of Risala Tatbiqiyya, Safar-Nameh Khuzistan, and Asrar-Nameh.

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