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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abu Ma’shar Balkhi

Ja’far ibn Muhammad was an Iranian astronomer in the 3rd century AH. He was determined to provide the truth of the science of astronomy through the Harrani philosophy. In his books, Abu Ma’shar calls Iranians as the leading figures in science and knowledge. He is the author of Zija al-Hizarat, Zij al-Quranat wa al-Ihtiraqat, Al-Madkhal al-Kabir, Al-Madkhal al-Saghir, and Al-Saham.

Ayyub Tabari

Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ayyub Tabari aka Hasib was the astronomer and mathematician of the early Seljuk period in the 5th century AH. He was unique through the quantity and significance of his scientific books in Persian language. He is the author of Shomar-Nameh, Miftah-Nameh, Al-Amal wa al-Alqab, Al-Munis, and Zij Mufrad.

Abdullah Yafi’i

Abdullah bin As’ad bin Ali Tamimi Yafi’i Makki (699-755/768AH) was the Shafi’i historian, poet, researcher and theologian of Eden. He was a masterful poet and had composed some odes in praise of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He compiled significant works on religion, exegesis, Sufism, and history. He is the author of Rawd al-Rayahin, Khulasat al-Mafakhir, and Mir’at al-Jinan.

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