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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Ahmad ibn Mohammad Bokhari

Amir Ahmad ibn Mohammad Hosseini Bokhari was the Sufi and Sheikh of Naqshbandiya in the 9th century AH. The wonders attributed to Bokhari indicate people’s belief about him. He was aware of the Persian literature and seemed to have written poems in Persian. An unnamed book on the principles of Naqshbandi as well as a collection of interpretation of the difficult verses of Masnavi has been attributed to him.

Ibn Mobarak Hanzali

Abu Abdurrahman Abdullah bin Mobarak Hanzali Marvzi (118-181 AH) was a jurist and narrator of hadith. He was well versed in jurisprudence, hadith, Arabic language and history, and was both courageous and generous. In some sources he is mentioned with the title of the King. He is the author of Al-Zuhd wa al-Raqa’iq, Kitab al-Jihad, al-Birr wa al-Musnad, and Arbaeen.

Salman Musavi Jahromi

Known as Hakim Bashi, he was the physician and scholar of the 11th century AH. He moved from Jahrom to Isfahan by the order of Shah Abbas I early in his reign and he thus became a royal physician. Later on, he increased in his office and position due to the wisdom and expertise he had until he attained the title of Hakim-Bashi (physician) of the Iranian Territories.

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