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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Arghun Kameli

Arghun ibn Abdullah was a renowned Iranian calligrapher. He produced his works in the four types of calligraphic fonts. He was specifically specialized in Reyhan font. His works are divided into two groups of series of Quranic calligraphies and small pieces. Included among his works are the calligraphy of a small sized Quran in the size of rahli (25*35 cm), one in the size of sultani (30*40 cm), and another in vaziri (20*30 cm) size.

Hussain Behzad

He was a famous painter of contemporary Iran (1273-1347 AH). His great effort to learn European painting brought about the great developments he made in miniature painting. Over one thousand paintings have been left from him, all reflecting his attention to design, limitation of color, consideration of modes, and the details.

Muslihuddin Lari

Muslihuddin Mohammad Lari Ansari aka Kalami Lari was the Shafi’i poet, jurist, logician and astronomer of the 10th century AH. He was well versed in all sciences of his time mainly in poetry. His poetry is quoted in the works of Ohadi Belyani, Molavi and Mohammad-Zafar Hussain Saba Abyati. Included among his works are Mir’at al-Adwar fi Mirqat al-Akhbar, and A Commentary on Risala Hiy’at of Molla Ala’uddin Qushchi.

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