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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abdurrahim Afsar

Abdurrahim aka Afsar was the 13th century poet and calligrapher. He wrote blissfully yet firm, and was possibly a follower of his preceding masters, as the firmness of the writings of Miremad and the blissfulness of the calligraphy of Mirali Heravi is seen in his calligraphic writings. He produced the fonts and poems of the tile cornice above the gateway of Haj Mohammad-Ja’far Abadei.

Saleba ibn Ibrahim

Saleba ibn Ibrahim, aka Al-Malik al-Mumanni’, was the 5th century Sufi Sheikh and of great men of Persia (the present Province of Fars). He had built a house of dervishes in Kovar, near Sarvestan of Shiraz, where he taught and provided food for worshippers there for some 30 years. Abbas Heravi, the famous Sufi, was his disciple

Jalaluddin Nomosalman

Jalaluddin Hassan ibn Mohammad was the leader of Ismaili sect in Iran an emir in Alamut during the 6th and 7th centuries AH. He launched a new era in the history of the Ismailis of Alamut and promoted the socio-political status of Ismaili and Nizari people of Alamut as the official power in the Islamic lands.

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