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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Ibn Qalanisi

Abu-Ali Hamza ibn Asad ibn Ali ibn Mohammad Tamimi aka Al-Raees al-Ajal also known as Ibn Qalanisi was the historian, scholar and bureaucrat of Damascus in the 6th century AH. He held a position in the court of Damascus. He had a knowledgeable family who were considered as the noble men of Damascus, and were praised by some poets of his time. He is the author of Mozayyal al-Tarikh al-Damishqi.

Abdul-Razzaq Samarqandi

Kamaluddin Abdul-Razzaq Samarqandi (816-887 AH) was the Iranian historian of the 9th century AH. He recorded history of events he had witnessed or had heard from reliable sources. Similar to his contemporaries, his writing method is to some extent difficult but fluent and comprehensible. He is the author of Matla’ al-Sa’dayn wa Majma’ al-Bahrain.

Nasrollah Monshi

Abol-Ma’ali Nasrollah ibn Mohammad was the clerk of Bahram Shah, the Ghaznavid king, from the Iranian city of Shiraz, and the great Persian writer and Arabic-Persian translator of the 6th century AH. He produced the masterpiece of Kalila and Dimna in Persian. His book is the epitome of eloquence in Persian prose. Not much poetry is left from him. Three quatrains in Persian and two couplets in Arabic remain in Kalila.

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