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Cultural Celebrities of Islam and Iran

Abu-Zayd Balkhi

Abu-Zayd Ahmad ibn Sahl Balkhi was the scholar, theologian, philosopher and geographer of the 3rd and 4th centuries AH. He was always cherished by emirs and rulers due to his great knowledge of different sciences. He is the author of Suwar al-Aqaleem, Masalih al-Abdan wa al-Anfus, Al-Bad’ wa al-Tarikh. Attributed to him are Sharayi’ al-Adyan, Aqsam al-Ulum, and Ikhtiyarat al-Sayr.

Suzani Samarqandi

Shamsuddin Abubakr Suzani Samarqandi aka Taj al-Shu’ara under the pen name Suzani was the poet of the 5th and 6th centuries AH. Suzani was well versed in proverbs, vocabulary and expressions, and poetic devices, and his collection of poems is full of similes and metaphors. His poems are abundant in unfamiliar Persian words. He produced Diwan of Suzani Samarqandi.

Nazari Quhestani

Hakim Sa’duddin ibn Shamsuddin Nazari Quhestani was the great poet of the 7th and 8th centuries AH. In his poems, he expressed both the material pleasures and the pains of the oppressed people desperate by the Mongol tyranny. He can be considered as a social poet. He produced Diwan of Nazari, Safarnameh (travel account) of Nazari, and Mathnavi of Azhar wa Mazhar.

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